How to Make Your Home an Introvert HavenBeing an introvert can be difficult, especially when everything around you feels so hectic and fast-paced. If you’re a homeowner or renter, you need to make your place as introvert-friendly as possible. If you can make your down-time as calm and peaceful as possible, engaging in more extroverted activity won’t seem as daunting once you make the plunge. Use thse ideas to make your house a haven, and to work your introverted nature to your advantage.

Keep Things Quiet

Introverts generally love quiet spaces at home, so it’s important to work to keep things this way. This might mean using noise-cancelling insulation, or investing in better quality windows that don’t allow sound to penetrate through as easily. Keep indoor noises to a minimum as much as possible. If you have noisy pets, like birds or dogs, consider moving them to a different room where they will still feel wanted, but won’t be so boisterous.

Add Security

One way to feel extra comfortable at home is to add a home security package or app. These packages enable you to keep your home fully secured and give you the peace of mind you need when at home alone or with a group of close friends or relatives. Nowadays you can improve your ADT security system with home automation. While these packages can be a bit pricey at first, they will be a great boon to you as an introvert. Some monitor the door, telling you who is there so you can decide if it’s worth the energy to socialize or not.

Keep Guests to a Minimum

Guests need to be kept to a minimum in order for your home to truly feel like a haven and relaxing place to enjoy your own company. Try not to make it a habit to invite people over in large groups, and keep gatherings to a minimum throughout the year. If you must invite guests over, it’s important you work to ensure they are not over for long periods of time, and that the parties are as quiet as possible. Create a schedule to yourself and limit guests or parties to just a few a month or year.

Rework Your Furnishings

One thing a lot of introverts don’t like is a lot of clutter. It can become incredibly overwhelming for anyone, especially introverts, to be in a house so overly cluttered and disorganized. In order to make things easier on yourself or a loved one, rework the furnishings so they look organized. Get rid of items and objects you both don’t need or use. Try to keep the home as tidy as possible, and consider investing in maid service or a self-cleaning vacuum to keep housework to a minimum for yourself.

The Right Temperature

Being an introvert means you might spend more time indoors. This is fine, so long as you’re totally comfortable at all times. One way to encourage more comfort is to invest in good quality air conditioning and heating that is easy to maintain and change. This allows you or your introverted loved one the ability to feel comfortable staying inside for as long as they’d like.

As an introvert, you want your home to be as comfortable, quiet, and safe as possible. This is easy to do if you put the right work into the process. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either, as you’ll find a quick tidy-over to your home and a reworking of your furnishings does an amazing job at getting the space to look clean and energizing.

Eileen O'Shanassy
Eileen O’Shanassy
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