Your Myers-Briggs personality can give you insight into how you perceive the world around you and make decisions around your life, career, and relationships. This includes your relationship with money.

While everyone has their own unique view and story around their finance history, personality tests can reveal a lot about your spending, saving, and investing habits. This is called your “money personality” and it can reveal if you are the type of person to set limits on a shopping spree, pick up the bill when dining out with friends, and more.

For example, INFP’s are known for being compassionate, idealistic and inquisitive. In order to be content and comfortable with their spending, INFPs are encouraged to link their financial goals to their personal values. They’re also advised to make sure to take care of themselves before helping others and to take setbacks in stride rather than dwelling on the past.

While all of the decisions around your finance ultimately affect your financial goal and savings plans, these actions are actually a bigger revealer around who you are as a person. Use the graphic below to discover what your personality type reveals about your finances, whether you need help budgeting or could use some investing advice. Discover more below.

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