A few months ago, I mentioned that I had received a copy of Nancy Ancowitz’s new book, Self-Promotion for Introverts®: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to post my review – like many other introverts, I suffer from “so many books, so little time” syndrome, and have only recently managed to read it.

self-promotion for introverts

Since starting my business in 2002, I’ve had quite a bit of experience with networking and public speaking, and am now fairly comfortable with both activities, but I sure wish I’d had a resource like this in the beginning! The chapter on public speaking is especially valuable, and covers everything from exploring your advantages and challenges to preparation and delivery of your message, as well as other topics that I’d never even thought to wonder about, but that are equally important.

As a former career and employment counsellor, I was also impressed with the comprehensive chapter on job searching. Much of the information provided would be equally useful to extraverts (but shhh… let’s not tell them about it!)

I highly recommend this book, if you:

  • are intimidated by the thought of attending a networking event or speaking in public
  • are tired of being passed over by less qualified colleagues who can “blow their own horn” more easily than you
  • are comfortable promoting yourself, but are interested in learning some new strategies

Unlike some self-help books, which offer only motivation or information, Self-Promotion for Introverts® is full of practical exercises to help the reader work through the processes described throughout. The information presented is right up-to-date and includes tools such as blogging, Twitter, and LinkedIn as suggested methods of communication.

Self-Promotion for Introverts® is available from Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.