I recently came upon a blog post by a university student named Soni entitled “Being Introvert: how do I┬ácontribute?” Soni would like to become involved with her campus community, but doesn’t have the energy level required for many forms of volunteer work. She has developed a list of ways she may be able to help:

  • volunteer in office (behind-the-scene)
  • become a member with no major obligations of an smaller/local organization
  • volunteer for one-on-one services (rather than in an environment with too many people)
  • take on an individual project that will benefit the community and that is easy to manage

These are all excellent ways that introverts can make a difference. Many of my introverted colleagues have also found that it works well for them to volunteer to staff the registration desk at meetings or other events. This gives them the opportunity to meet and interact with other members of the group without being in the situation of having to mix and mingle or initiate the conversation.

I’m sure that Soni will find something that is just right for her skills and comfort level!