What’s introvert and what’s extravert behavior on New Year’s Eve? I don’t think you can tell them apart, except that introverts disappear occasionally.

Introverts need to recharge with solitude. On Year’s Eve, this can become party-hopping – when the time between parties is used as invigorating alone time. Another way is to hop in and out of the same party, but this tends to offend bewildered extraverts.
“Where’d you go?” they ask.
“What for?”
Here’s where I run into trouble. The real answer is that I’m an introvert, parties sap my energy, and I need to recharge alone. Even if I could be heard over the din of the party, I’d still be misunderstood. They’d think I’d said, “You tire me.” And that just isn’t true. So instead I say, “I wanted a little air.”
Keep smiling. Keep dancing. Help pass around champagne in fluted glasses. Loiter near the spinach dip and schmooze a bit.
And an hour later, try to steal another quarter hour of quiet air.