I watched The Station Agent on DVD this past weekend. The main character, Fin, moves to Newfoundland, New Jersey, after inheriting an abandoned train station from a friend, where he becomes friends with Joe and Olivia. The movie is excellent and received a number of awards, but what I really enjoyed was the interaction between Fin and Joe.

Fin is clearly an introvert and has absolutely no hesitation in telling Joe that he prefers to go for walks alone. People who don’t understand introverts could easily view this as being snobbish, unfriendly, or even rude, and I’m sure we’ll all worn those labels at one time or another.

Joe, on the other hand, is clearly an extravert, and is constantly seeking Fin’s company. At one point when Fin says he just wants to read, Joe convinces him to come and sit with him, telling him, “I’ll read too.” He lasted only 20 minutes before he wanted to start talking again.

If you haven’t yet seen this movie, I highly recommend it.