Written by Cheryl N.W. Card, the full title is Discover the Power of Introversion: What Most Introverts are Never Told and Extraverts Learn the Hard Way.

The book begins by stating that many Introverts have been extremely successful, including US Presidents, corporation presidents, scientists, and actors, and a later chapter names some famous Introverts, living, dead, and fictional.

It includes tips for creating positive self-image, dealing with Introvert children, and making decisions, building satisfying relationships

Each chapter includes an introversion-related quote – here’s one I really like:

They mean well but they are so social they are nearly hive-minded. They cannot understand that one might wish to be without company.

Wintermoon, in Winds of Change by Mercedes Lackey

It’s only 85 pages, including the Appendix, so it’s a quick and easy read.