handshakeIf the thought of attending networking events make you physically sick to your stomach you will likely find any excuse to avoid them. It’s almost certain you will find yourself attending such a social event as you navigate your professional and personal life. Whether you are introverted or not, lots of people are not comfortable with public speaking but most do not suffer from the introvert’s level of social anxiety.

Approaching networking events tactfully and strategically will certainly garner you valuable experiences and relationships. The first step is to have a premeditated plan requiring research of the venue, subject matter, and guest list. Utilizing LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms it is quite easy to do surface level research about nearly every professional. This research will not only allow you to more easily recall names once introduced, you will also be able to brainstorm possible talking points. Once prepared, the event will be far less stressful and you can focus on your body language, compliments, and location during the event.

After the event comes important but often overlooked step, follow up. If you had any memorable conversations or actionable relationships, make sure you are fresh in their mind. Even introverts can come to master networking events. If you want to become a more effective networker as an introvert, put these tips from GetVoIP into action.

Tips for Introverts to Thrive at Networking Events

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