Everyone has the predilection to be more introverted or extroverted in life and business. When building a small business, the importance of understanding how you work cannot be overstated. If you are comfortable working as a part of a team and exude charismatic leadership over your employees, you are likely leaning towards extroversion. If you have a more reserved and a demeanor of self-reflection when working as part of a team, you likely associate with introversion.

There is no guarantee that being introverted or extroverted will result in success, but it is nearly a guarantee that each personality type will take a different approach to business. Click To Tweet

Extroverts will most likely weigh networking as a very important tactic for generating business and nurturing relationships.

Extroverts might find it difficult to manage their impulses and focusing for long periods. If you are the extroverted entrepreneurial type, try implementing a productivity practice like the Pomodoro Technique, which prescribes 50 minutes of focused work followed by a 10-minute break. If you are introverted and do not have a problem avoiding impulses and focusing, you are most likely highly self-motivated and reflective. It’s not the internal impulse that can distract you from the work at hand, but actually the outside interruptions you must manage.

To learn more about how introversion and extroversion can impact business, check out this visual from Fundera:

How Introverts and Extroverts differ in owning and operating a small business

Contributed by Drew Page, Siege Media