“Avoid popularity if you would have peace.”
Abraham Lincoln

I blush to admit that I am reading a book on how to be popular. How very adolescent of me! How very knee-jerk of me, really, now that I come to think of it. We all want to be popular, right? Whoa, now. I’m an introvert. I need quiet-time to refresh my energy. That leaves me stuck on the bottom rung of the popularity ladder.

But what would life be like if I became popular? It would be a nightmare! People, people, people, always and everywhere, there would be people who want me. My phone would ring all day and all night. I’d be invited to parties, dinners, varnishings, premieres, barbecues, baptisms, and weddings. Not necessarily in that order. As I attend these things, I would rise on the popularity ladder.

And then I would become quiet-time deprived. My smile would get glassy, my voice would be monotone, I’d feel obliged to keep talking just to keep up with everybody else. I’d make up excuses to have a few minutes alone. Slowly but surely, I’d reclaim a quiet quarter-hour here and there. And just as slowly and surely, I’d drop back down to the bottom rung of the popularity ladder.

Whew! What a relief! Popularity isn’t for me. I need to ration my time to accommodate family, friends, associates, and – not least of all – myself.