Since becoming involved with the virtual assistant industry, I’ve noticed that a lot of introverts are drawn to this profession because it allows us to work independently in the comfort of our own homes and to communicate mainly through email or online.

virtual assistant attending a webinar

Unfortunately, when it comes to networking and promoting our businesses, many introverted VAs run into difficulty. After all, talking about ourselves just isn’t something that comes naturally to us.

That’s why I was really pleased to learn that Donna Gunter (who has been mentioned previously in this blog) is offering a webinar called Get Found Online: Best Strategies Helping Introverted Virtual Assistants (or VAs Who Hate to Market Themselves) Massively Increase Their Visibility Online, Today.

In this free class, Donna is going to talk about:

  • The 3 natural gifts almost every introvert possesses that serves as the foundation of your Internet marketing success
  • The million dollar questions you must answer BEFORE you start any marketing
  • A simple two-step plan that will instantly establish you as an expert in your field
  • The most effective method of establishing relationships online
  • How just one email per week can help you build a waiting list of clients
  • The best 15 minutes a day you can use to quickly build your network from zero to hundreds or thousands
  • The one Internet marketing secret NO ONE tells you about that will quadruple your marketing reach
  • The most effective strategy to share your expertise with hundreds of potential clients in only an hour a month

This learning opportunity is open to new and experienced virtual assistants worldwide and will be delivered via the internet, so you don’t even have to worry about travel or long distance expenses.

To register, visit the Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection and click on Webinars under the Resources tab.

Photo: Mitarart / Photoxpress