As a general rule, we introverts tend to value our privacy, and may therefore be seen by others as being secretive. An example that comes to mind is an episode of “Dharma and Greg” where Dharma discovered that Greg had a locked box and felt he was keeping secrets from her when he wouldn’t let her see what was in it. As an introvert, I understood that it was just something he chose not to share, and I am that way with some things, but not everything. I am usually pretty comfortable answering a direct question, even if I wouldn’t be likely to volunteer the information otherwise.

I was therefore a little uncomfortable last week when a colleague “tagged” me in his blog with a challenge to write about five little known facts about myself. Another part of me decided it could be fun, and realized I didn’t have to reveal my deepest secrets, just stuff that would not normally come up. So I took the challenge and wrote about it in my own blog.

The other side of the game is that you have to tag five other bloggers to do the same. Not knowing many bloggers who hadn’t already participated, I took the easy way out and tagged my three fellow contributors to this blog, Marki, Chris and Dr. Maggie. Will they do it? Watch this blog and find out!