Insight: Reflections on the Gifts of Being an Introvert by Beth L. BuelowHave you already read The Introvert Advantage and Quiet? Are you looking for something new to read on the subject of introversion? You’ll probably enjoy this recent release by Beth L. Buelow.

Although not as meaty as the best-sellers mentioned above, Insight contains lots of worthwhile information, both for extraverts trying to gain a better understanding of the introverts in their life and for introverts who may be struggling to find their place in an extraverted world.

There’s an excellent explanation of the difference between shyness and introversion,  as well as an in-depth look at the valuable role that introverts play in society and the business world. Speaking of business, there’s also an entire section devoted to entrepreneurs, which is not surprising, as the book is essentially a compilation of posts from Buelow’s popular blog, The Introverted Entrepreneur.

Because of its bloggy origins, the book is written in a conversational style, which makes it an easy read, especially since each chapter is essentially its own entity. I’d have liked it better had the author taken the time to edit the content thoroughly when converting it into a book, as certain parts just didn’t “feel” right to me. For example, it’s my opinion that “I titled this post…” should have been changed to say “I titled this chapter…” and that “since this is November” should have been changed to “since it was November when I wrote this” (if it was even necessary to keep that part in).

Despite my possibly petty complaints, I found it thought-provoking and well worth reading. It’s perfect to pick up and read a chapter when you have a few minutes between activities, and it’s short enough to read in one or two sittings if that’s your preference.

Have you read Insight: Reflections on the Gifts of Being an Introvert? What did you think of it?