Many introverts and people who just prefer the comforts of their home over a busy and stressful office environment would want to find stable employment in an industry that permits them to work home-based. But which industries exactly can you find work-from-home positions? Below are common professions and trades you can focus on.

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Being a freelance photographer is a job that doesn’t demand you to commute to and from work on a daily basis. It does, however, require you to go outside and look for ideas and insights for your next project. Freelance photographers earn based on the frequency of projects and number of clients they work with. They can sell their photos to magazines and websites that are interested.


If you have a good way with words, writing for income is a comfortable home-based position to establish. Writing articles and posting blog content could rake in significant income. A writer may also build a stable residual income source by setting up their own blog site or website and participating in PPC campaigns and other paid marketing efforts. To become a good writer, you must have good understanding of the English grammar. A fast typing speed is also a must in order to complete assignments duly.


If you are experienced and certified in providing information about a particular topic, such as finances and business, you can sell your invaluable advice to people in need of it. Consultation services allow you to work from home in front of the computer or by taking phone calls. You may also choose to conduct business matters by receiving clients in your home and personally talking with them. The greater your expertise and experience in the field, the higher consultation fees you can charge your clients.

Web design and development

HTML and CSS are the roots of this business. You must be at least a good programmer to succeed in this kind of work. The industry involves stiff competition and requires considerable amounts of time in completing projects. If you are a fast coder and has a knack for creative work, web design and development may just be your calling. A good thing about web design and development work is that you can learn it yourself and sharpen the skills from there. You don’t really need formal education to get noticed by employers. Certification won’t hurt your chances of landing a good job though.


People who are natural-born salesmen can find the retail industry a dream job. A retail business puts you in charge of anything and everything. You decide when to open the store and when to close it. You decide when to expand and where to expand. A good amount of experience is imperative, however, to make things work flawlessly.

With the volume of benefits offered by a home-based career, it is easy to get allured into starting a work-from-home profession. Keep in mind though that there are key factors you must first address and answer before making any final decisions.

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