Robin Williams is an introvert! Am I the last to discover that? Of course I rushed all over Google trying to verify this and I came up with:

Robin Williams Inside the Actors Studio

At 7:30 of the interview, James Lipton (the interviewer) tells Robin Williams that Mike Meyers describes himself as a “site-specific extravert and an introvert for most of the rest of the time” and asks if there’s an introverted Robin Williams. Robin says yes. He uses the introversion to “absorb” things around him for his comedy. He calls himself “introverted, quiet, and absorbent.”

I really couldn’t be more surprised – of all the flaming extraverts to turn out to be an introvert! And yet, I’ve done that myself. Maybe you have too. I like that phrase: “A site-specific extravert.”

As I think of it, it occurs to me that the comedy of Robin Williams might not have such depth if he didn’t have a quiet, internal place to bring all that he has “absorbed” and process it, coming up with points where we might see ourselves (or others?) and burst out laughing.

I have to admit, stand-up comedy is not something that leaps to mind when I think of jobs for introverts. But Robin Williams shows us how it’s done. Here’s another, if you like –

Robin Williams: The Introvert Dictator – Set List,  Stand-Up Without a Net

What a flaming introvert! And a wonderful example of the creative power of introversion.