Mark Dykeman has just posted an article on The Mighty Introvert blog, called Five easy ways for an introvert to communicate. In it he talks about how we are often underestimated because face-to-face communication is not our strong point, and how the Internet has made such a difference for us.

I have often considered how the Internet has enabled me to run my virtual assistant business, because the technology allows information to be transmitted in ways that weren’t possible as recently as 15 years ago, and this in turn allows me to serve clients in faraway locations. But I hadn’t really contemplated that the Internet has also made me a more successful entrepreneur, because face-to-face (or even telephone) communication rarely takes place until there has been an exchange of emails or conversation on a discussion forum, or the potential client has at least had a chance to visit my website. And yet it seems so obvious, when I think about it!

By the way, I learned about The Mighty Introvert¬†on a Facebook group called Don’t let me fool you. I’m an introvert. The name of the group really appeals to me, because after nearly six years in business, I’ve developed a comfort level in most networking situations, and people are often surprised to learn that I am in fact an introvert. I’ve questioned it myself from time to time, but no matter what test I do, from the MBTI to a simple magazine quiz, it’s always clear that I am an introvert, no doubt about it.