Society often reserves the term leadership for individuals who have outgoing personalities, are highly influential (especially in large group settings), who enjoy public speaking and who have a strong authoritative presence and voice. On top of that, leadership is often seen as being an innate trait that only certain individuals are born with. This limited understanding of leadership creates a bias towards those of us who are more introverted, even though the potential to be a great leader is within each of us.

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes. – Peter Drucker

I believe that leaders can be found anywhere…in our homes, schools, the work place and in the entrepreneurial world. I also believe that true leadership can be learned; it’s not an exclusive club reserved for just a few. True leaders look deep within themselves and share their gifts and strengths with the world in a way that aligns authentically with who they are. Everyone can learn to be a leader. Leaders can speak quietly, prefer working alone, spend lots of time in reflection and solitude, work with people individually and move humanity forward beautifully in their own way. Yes, leaders can be (and do) these things. My mission is to invite us all to redefine what true leadership looks like, and to create a space for a new understanding of what I like to call Introverted Leadership.

Introverted Leaders can connect deeply with others one at a time or in small groups.

Introverted Leaders can share well-thought ideas because they often think before speaking.

Introverted Leaders feel understood by others because they usually listen attentively.

Introverted Leaders can often respond to stressful situations with an air of calm.

Introverted Leaders tend to be more detail-oriented and can easily see the pieces of the whole.

Introverted Leaders often know a lot about a few topics and are laser-focussed with their interests, which places them in a position to demonstrate a sense of expertise.

When these special qualities are brushed aside or overlooked, those who need what Introverted Leaders have to share with the world miss out, and sometimes this may even discourage the quiet leaders among us, who end up believing that their gifts are not valued or needed. Leadership is a learnable skill, and a very personal journey for each of us. There are as many “pictures of leadership” as there are individuals, and it’s vital that introverts learn how to develop and utilize a way of leadership that feels authentic, aligns with their values and fully represents who they are, from the inside out.

I’m very proud and excited to host a free virtual event, “The Art of Introverted Leadership: A 10-Day Journey” from June 9-20, where I will be sharing daily thought nuggets around this theme as well as easy-to-implement strategies that will gently bring out the leader in the quiet individuals among us. I believe that it’s our time to shine. You can find out more and join me by visiting If this speaks to you, I would love for you to hop aboard and learn how to nourish that seed of leadership potential that lies within you. It’s going to be an awesome journey!

Milissa HardingMilissa Harding is a Mindset Coach for Introverted Entrepreneurs. She supports shy and introverted entrepreneurs through her step-by-step system which shows them exactly how to grow a business in a way that fully aligns with who they are, instead of what they’ve been taught that they “should” do. As a result, her clients experience the ease, joy and success in their business that they truly deserve. Request your FREE report, “10 Steps to Create an Energetically-Rich Business as an Introverted Entrepreneur” at