One of the blogs I like to read is Jay Robb reviews business books, because I’ve always enjoyed Jay’s column in the career section of my local newspaper. He recently reviewed The Connect Effect: Building Strong Personal, Professional and Virtual Networks by Michael Dulworth, President & CEO of Executive Networks.

The Connect Effect

In The Connect Effect, Dulworth shares a wealth of information about effective networking, and because he’s an introvert himself, his advice is much more “doable” than that offered by some other experts. For example, it’s frequently suggested that you set a goal for each networking event that you attend, and an extraverted author might suggest that your goal might be to meet 10 new contacts. I can’t imagine talking to a total of 10 people at a two-hour event, let alone 10 new people! Dulworth’s recommendation is to aim for three or four substantive conversations at your next social event, instead of working the whole room.

For more of Michael Dulworth’s networking tips, read Jay Robb’s review, or better yet, read the book itself!