I recently read an interesting article by Introvert Marketing Coach Donna Gunter, in which she identifies the six best ways for introverts to promote themselves easily. I hadn’t thought about it in quite this way before, but after some reflection, it seems that all of these strategies have worked well for me.

one-on-one business networking

Here are Donna’s recommendations, along with my comments as to how I’ve applied them in my business.

1. Step into the shoes of your ideal client and target market.

When I started my business, I didn’t have an ideal client in mind. Like many new entrepreneurs, I was delighted to work with anyone who was willing to pay me. Gradually I came to recognize that I was happiest and best suited to working with professional organizers. Having been an organizer myself for a few years, I have a good understanding of their needs, so it’s easier for me to tailor my messages to that group.

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